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Join our invest club and get unparalleled performance on your benefits using our simply and innovative staking program on Web 3.
The power of Web3
Introducing our revolutionary simplified web3 platform, the ultimate solution for safeguarding your hard-earned money against the perils of inflation. We understand the importance of protecting your assets in an ever-changing financial landscape, and that's why we have created an intuitive platform that allows private investors  to subscribe to a staking plan.
Staking for saving with DeFi
Embracing decentralized finance empowers you to reclaim financial sovereignty, mitigate risks associated with traditional banking, and unlock a world of innovative financial opportunities. By leveraging the benefits of DeFi, you can safeguard your income, optimize your returns, and actively participate in shaping the future of finance.
Propulsed with Stablecoin
A stablecoin is a type of cryptocurrency that is pegged to the value of a stable asset, such as a fiat currency (e.g. the US dollar) or a commodity (e.g. gold). The aim of stablecoins is to provide a stable store of value and a means of exchange that is not subject to the price fluctuations and volatility that are commonly associated with cryptocurrencies.
earn rewards**
earn Rewards**
earn Rewards**
By saving in our smart contract, you generate daily interest in USDT stablecoin.
Monthly Plan
Lockup duration 18 months
2.8%* /month
Generate monthly rewards. Rewards are paid out on the same date each month to your Seed Wallet.
Reinvest Plan
Lockup duration 18 months
3.7%* /month
Collect your rewards at the end of the staking plan. Rewards are actually automatically reinvested back to your initial deposit in the liquidity pool to generate more income.
By investing
in the reinvest staking plan, you should earn*
*Results obtained from the gains observed by past performance by adding the calculation of compound interest in addition to the returns obtained on the capital invested over a period of 18 months.
*Earnings target displayed in 2022 is real but not guaranteed.
Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. There is a low risk of capital loss.

Accessible trading platform

Generate wallets instantly
Trade hundred crypto with 0% fees
Enhanced security level

Frequently asked questions


Do I need to know about web3 to use Seed?

No. We provide an easy way to go solution in you're interested by this technology.


Is investing in Seed safe?

Our solution is based on stablecoin staking. It's a secure and reliable way to diversify your savings.


Are the performances guaranteed?

No. Rewards offered are based on past performance. However, our protocol has been working perfectly for several years and continues to show excellent performance.


What is the minimum investment amount?

We offer investors to invest a minimum of 5000 usdt to activate a staking plan.

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